The UDS Song

The Utrecht Debating Society has a long tradition of singing the UDS song during General Assemblies. However, this song is not uncontroversial: for years the members have been trying to change or even abolish it. Despite this the UDS song still stands strong and has pride of place at the General Assembly.

The song

We’re the UDS debaters, and we’re standing proud
And if we can’t convince them then we’re gonna scream and shout
Debating is the art we do with heart and soul
To slay our enemies!


Glory, glory, UDS!
Glory, glory, UDS!
Glory, glory, UDS,
And we will rule the world!

Using striking quotes as well as funny anecdotes
We will smash the opposition an’ slowly crush their bones
In a world debate we’re gonna end first rate
And smash our enemies!


The motions we defend are always just, fair and true
Or, at least, that will be what we say to you
We will be persuasive up until the bitter end
And scorch our enemies!