The Utrecht Debating Society has a number of committees, to ensure members can enjoy UDS to the fullest. Do you want to contribute to UDS? Become member of one (or multiple) committee, which is possible all year through. Every once in a while, you meet with your committee to take care of your responsibilities. Committees allow you to work together with other UDS members and add some fun! If you want to become a member, contact the board.

Social Committee

Besides debating members of the UDS also like engaging in more relaxing activities. The Social Committee meets their needs by organizing around one activity per month, during which members can get to know each other better. This includes activities along the lines of a laser tag game, pooling night, Christmas dinner, but also more debate-related activities, such as visiting another debating association in the Netherlands. Are you interested in joining the Social Committee? There is always room for more members, so please contact our vice chair Diana for more information!

Workshop committee

The UDS also organizes external workshops, to companies, schools, other student associations and NGO’s. Organizing this has attained a more serious and demanding nature, which is why the Workshopcommittee was founded. The Workshopcommittee, which exists of at least 3 people, discusses the demands for workshops. Making sales quotes, negotiating the price, making an offer and assigning a UDS member to giving a workshop are all part of the committee’s tasks.

Utrecht Open Organisation Committee

The Utrecht Open Organisation Committee committee is in charge of organizing Utrecht Open tournament. It is generally comprised of four to five members: Chair (‘manager’, moderator), Secretary (communication, registration, minutes), Treasurer (budget, sponsors, subsidy), PR officer (social media, posters, design). They decide everything of Utrecht Open such as budget, location, registration, CA’s, PR, and format and make sure that the tournament runs smoothly from start to finish.