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“Do you want to travel through Europe to convince everybody of your opinion?”
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Is UDS something for you?

Did you enjoy debating in high school and want to continue during your study?
Or do you perhaps have no experience yet, but would you like to be strong and confident when speaking in public to persuade people of your opinion?
Want to meet people from all kinds of backgrounds in a fun way?
Want to make memories with us in ‘t Pandje, the best bar in Utrecht?
Like traveling around in Europe?

Join us at a weekly evening and take a look!

Why become a member?

Debating is a beneficial skill. It will prove its value when writing essays for your study, job, and whenever you have to speak in front of a crowd. For instance, debating will help you be a better public speaker and gain more confidence in your abilities. It teaches you to analyze a situation critically and structure your thoughts quickly. You can read the debating format we use on the page about our society.

UDS is a close community where everyone comes to know each other swiftly.  Together we make amazing (international) trips to many debating tournaments and learn about various issues relevant to today’s world. You will learn to become a great speaker in a fun way.

We meet every Wednesday at 19:15 in the Locke building located on the University College Campus.  You can drop by, and we’ll ensure you see the best our society offers. You don’t have to become a member first! You can shoot us a message in advance or not. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact or our Chair, Kseniia Eremchuk, at +31 6 1256 4108.

Have we already convinced you? You can also sign up online by clicking here. Members fee is only €35- a year.