Debate Evenings

Wednesday night is UDS night! Every Wednesday at 19:15, we meet in the Locke building on the UCU campus. We debate in Dutch and English about various topics, ranging from economics to politics and from philosophy to religion. We improve our members’ skills in argumentation, presentation and public speaking. We debate in a format named British Parliamentary Debating (BP-debating). In this format, you debate in teams of two, and everyone gets individual speaker time to discuss the subject they are given. Furthermore, we regularly provide workshops – which are provided by the best (inter)national speakers. 

This means you don’t have to be scared you’re not capable of out-screaming the people in front of you. In the end, a judging panel decides who wins based on how convincing your arguments are. You can read more about BP-debating by clicking here.

We end the evening in our favourite bar: ‘t Pandje! We enjoy the best side of Utrecht’s student nightlife with the other UDS members in this beautiful place.